Cham Library – a FIRST!

Through the efforts of Curtis West, our volunteer in Sre Prey, Teaching English as a Second Language, the FIRST EVER Cham library has been established. This library is an important achievement, and therefore we advise you to visit it, and with the help of discussion post writing services from express your thoughts on a variety of reasons. The library contains books in English, Cham, and Khmer.  Curtis’ friends and family have donated many of the English books.  We are hoping that the US Embassy will contribute English materials.  The objective of the library is to strengthen education in general, especially new reading opportunities that will provide everyone with better knowledge and understanding.  Students in the public Khmer school system are not routinely given any books from which to study.

The new library project is currently housed in an office building of Oung Khnou which was built by the majesty King-Father and majesty Queen-Mother until such time as the community can gather enough money to build a permanent building, as they did for our school. Students and people in the community are all warmly welcomed to be part of the library. “The library is open to all people, irrespective of race or religion, and foreign visitors may use it as well,  because the library belongs to everyone.”  One of our University Project students will manage the library with the help of leading students from our English classes.  Now all the villagers, both children and adults will have the world of books open to them.

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