New Cham Language Program Support

August, 2014

Dear Dick , Jeffrey, Wynne, and others donors,

Hello, how are you? I know that you are all working hard to raise funds to support our Kan Imam-San Community. As the community leader and representative for all Cham Kan Imam-San in Cambodia, I am very happy, and I would like to say thanks to you and other donors who have supported our community as well as Osman, Mat, and Piseth who have helped the community in both mental and physical works.

You have supported my community for years in English education and university education which are very important for us as an ethnic group. However, we also want to preserve our language and script and prevent them from becoming extinct. That’s why we would like you to support us in a Cham Language teaching project. Now, I heard from your University students (Mat and Piseth) that you have agreed to support this project. Although the salary is not so high; it is acceptable. We are very pleased with your support in this project. I hope that your charity’s help in supporting this project will be the most successful way to improve and preserve our culture. And I hope it will be as successful as the Primary English Education Program which you have supported since 2005 and University Education Program you have supported since 2010.

I believe Cham teaching is very important, because if we only study other things without Cham studies, we will fail to preserve our Cham identity such as our culture, custom, tradition, and all of the Cham peoples’ history because there will be no more people who can read the script or practice the culture. Actually, today most Cham Kan Imam-San teenagers are not interested in learning Cham language; they are only interested in learning other languages and other things which can provide them practical benefits. That’s what I am really concerned about. I would regret the loss deeply if more children lose their interest and knowledge of the Cham language. Therefore, I really want this project to start and to be successful.

Once again, I want to say thanks to your charity for supporting my community in various projects that have improved my community a lot, and I also want to say thanks to Osman who has managed the projects and helped the community from the beginning and as well as your university students Mat, and Piseth who try to work for the community.

Finally, I wish you, other donors, Osman, Mat, and Piseth the best luck, happiness, health, and success in your works.


Uknha Khnour Kai Tam
Spiritual Leader of the Cham Imam Sann people in Cambodia