Ysa Osman

Ysa Osman- Program Coordinator, Cambodia Mr. Ysa has served as our sole representative in Cambodia since the beginning of this project in 2005, coordinating ALL aspects of the program, as well as designing innovative financing plans and serving as a resource for students of all ages.  He is a remarkable role model for any of the students, because he too started life extremely disadvantaged as a poor rural boy during the Khmer Rouge period of genocide, worked hard to get a university education on his own, and now spends his time works tirelessly as a volunteer to improve the lot of his own people. Education: Bachelor of English Language, Build Bright Univ, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Professional Experience:

  • -Analyst and Researcher, at Extra-Ordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
  •         (ECCC), also known as the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, functioning as the expert on the acts of genocide against the Cham people committed by the Khmer Rouge between 1975-79
  • -Publisher and Writer of monthly Champasa Newspaper, publishing both the history and current issues of the Cham people
  • -Project Team Leader at the Documentation Center of Cambodia, focused on field research and investigation of various crimes during the Khmer Rouge period
  • – Researcher on the Cham contemporary history
  • – Participant in Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative – a new 2014 leadership training and social investment program designed to amplify the leadership capacities of the next generation of social leaders in Southeast Asia.


    • Author of the Navigating the Rift: Muslim-Buddhist Intermarriage in Cambodia, 2010
    • Author of the Cham Rebellion: Survivors’ Stories from the Village, 2006
    • Author of Oukoubah: Justice of the Cham Muslims under the Democratic Kampuchea Regime, 2002Here is a 2014 interview of Osman giving his full personal history through the years of the Khmer Rouge to the present:

Here is a somewhat older interview of Osman discussing how he became active in documenting the Khmer Rouge atrocities on the Cham people