Principle Team Members

Cambodian team members consist of several volunteers plus our paid English teacher, who is a long time resident in the Sre Prey area, fluent in English, Khmer and Cham.  We also have a paid part-time Cham literacy teacher. In order to teach children, we use useful advice from in this way, methodologies from help our team with serious decisions.  The qualifications and personal histories of the three major Cambodians are included as is a testimonial letter from the eminent Ukhna Khnour Kay Toam.  Also the students are actively involved in teaching one another.

The three US Board members have experience in non-profits, administration and international NGOs.  Their biographies are also presented in detail.  Two are founding members of the project.  Any of them would be delighted to speak with you if you would like to learn more about this project.

Volunteer English Teacher

Eldest University Student, Sit Math - Today

Sit Math

Assistant Director for Cambodian Operations