Donor Volunteers for CARE Program in Cambodia

One of our monthly-pledge Donors has just announced that he has signed up to volunteer with CARE in Cambodia.  He will be in Cambodia later this year as a part of Team4Tech, a project supported by his employer. Why Cambodia needs volunteer help and how by covering certain topics using you are helping people learn about the issues.

Team4Tech is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing educational opportunities in developing countries by matching tech volunteers and solutions with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) whose education and entrepreneurship programs can benefit from their support. Our projects are carefully designed to expand access to quality education and economic opportunity by implementing relevant, sustainable technology solutions and delivering training in digital literacy, educational software, and 21st century skills.

Team4Tech volunteers come from many job functions in high-tech including engineering, sales, marketing, finance, legal, and HR. We provide them with valuable hands-on experience and professional development training in topics such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, effective communication, and global awareness – skills that are useful during the project and back at work.

CARE Cambodia serves ethnic minority girls and boys in the rural province of Ratannak Kire, located in the northeast of the country. This project, called Know & Grow, will promote innovation through an expanded capacity to apply 21st Century skills when responding to Cambodia’s rapidly changing context. Volunteers from Adobe, and other technology companies, will support teachers’ integration of technology into classroom learning to increase the efficiency of instructional activities that promote educational attainment, equity, quality, and empowerment. Volunteers will work with five schools and 15 master teachers to deliver hardware, software, and training in critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and ICT literacy during their two week service immersion in-country.

Who knows, perhaps your own employer has a Corporate Responsibility program or a Charitable Matching Gift program that YOU could become involved in.  We already benefit from Apple’s donor matching program.  Several of our donors also have established regular monthly contributions through PayPal that help us better manage our cash flow and projections throughout the year.


Dick Geist

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