Great Changes in Sre Prey!

Several major changes and improvements have come to Sre Prey and our projects.

Curtis West, our graduate student volunteer, has been in Sre Prey for three months now.  He has reinvigorated the English Program, building enthusiasm among the students with new teaching methods and materials.  Husen, who has been our English teacher since the project’s start 10 years ago, is dropping back to part time while a bright young villager, Sagath, has joined our ranks as the primary teacher of the introductory English classes.  I find this to be particularly exciting, since Sagath was one of the earliest students in our English Project ten years ago.  Now the former student becomes the teacher!

Curtis & Sagath

Dustin Javorsky, an American who lives part time in the area and who himself volunteered at the school 2 years ago, also apparently plans to sponsor more English speaking volunteers to visit Sre Prey as teaching assistants in the English Program.  A Swiss and a Spanish student were there in early January through Dustin’s efforts.

Piseth, one of our university seniors and a visiting teaching assistant

The Imam Sann Cham will have their first-ever LIBRARY very soon.  Through generous donation of books and educational materials by Dustin, Curtis West along with his friends and family, and the people of Sre Prey who have donated a building.

New Sre Prey Library

2 Comments On “Great Changes in Sre Prey!”

  1. Barbara Wilson-Clay

    How wonderful there will be a library!


  2. Wow! Fantastic news all around. Congratulations to all and to Sagth for becoming a teacher. Love the library.


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