Frequent Flyer Miles – Can Anyone Donate for Curtis?

Does anyone have a whole lot of frequent flyer miles?  If so, it would be marvelous if you made a donation for Curtis’ round trip ticket.  While the Fund only committed to providing him a small stipend for food, it would be great if we could help him with this major expense.

Using the SKYTEAM Alliance (Delta, KLM, China, Aeroflot, Korean, Saudi, etc) it would take 127,500 miles for a door to door RT ticket.

AMERICAN AIRLINES (part of One World Alliance with Delta, British Air, Qantas, Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, Japan, Cathay, LAN, etc) is having a SPECIAL GIFT BONUS between now and NOVEMBER 30, if one person gives just 85,000 miles there is a bonus gift of 50,000 miles which would get Curtis from Columbus to Hong Kong round trip.

Please call or text Dick Geist at 760-567-3664 or email [email protected] if you might be able to contribute to this donation.

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