Generous Visitors to Sre Prey

While the village of Sre Prey has always attracted visitors during it’s Malot festival with those amazing cake constructions, this past year has brought some groups more interested in the Cham history and culture in particular.

In January of this year a university travel-study group of fourteen students and two faculty, including Dr. Robert Dayley, Professor of Political Economy from The College of Idaho in Caldwell, ID came to visit Sre Prey for two full days accompanied by several of our university students who provided educational talks regarding the Cham, liaison and on site leadership.  The experience was excellent from both sides, and the group provided a remarkably generous donation to our Fund in appreciation.


In the Fall of 2014 a German and American student spent a month in the village and brought a native-speaker teaching experience to our English classes.  They also helped to provide some educational materials and took some students on short trips.

In January of 2014 a group from Far Horizons tours visited the town for a day along with Professor Damian Evans of Sydney University who is an expert on ancient Khmer culture.  Once again, we had provided background information to the group members before their arrival, and our university students accompanied them, providing talks and a personal educational experience.  The group provided an honorarium to the community.

We are told that several groups inside Cambodia are proud to claim responsibility for the programs that our organization provides for the Cham in Sre Prey.  Perhaps this is the most sincere form of flattery.



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