New American English Teacher Heads to Sre Prey

Curtis West is a graduate student at Dominion University in Ohio doing his Masters Degree program in Teaching English as a Second Language.  He has volunteered to travel to Sre Prey and stay there for between three and six months giving the children a lengthy exposure to a primary English speaker and to share some new ideas in teaching methods with our long term English teacher, Kly Husen.  Curtis has traveled in Cambodia before, has a strong general interest in linguistics and is looking forward to learning both Khmer and Cham during his stay.  He also has experience working with Islamic students and has some background in Arabic.

Our conversations have been stimulating and Curtis, the Board, and folks in Sre Prey are all excited about this plan.  Curtis hopes to travel to Cambodia in mid January.  Curtis is volunteering his time and the Fund has offered to help with with a small stipend for food during his stay in Sre Prey.

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