Newest University Scholarship Recipient

Ly El our newest University Scholar has begun his study of International Relations at the University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.   He joins the other 10 university students in their group house.

El is the elder son in a farming family of four from Chank Kiek village near Sre Prey.  Even though the family is poor, his parents have allowed both boys to continue attending public school as well as English classes. El’s mother cares for the family’s farm every day, while her husband works the farm on weekends and holidays, but during the week he holds various odd jobs – selling ice cream or soy beans, taking factory work if it is available, or collecting local waterlilies to sell.

El has always done a lot of work on the farm while keeping up with his studies.  He makes his family happy and satisfied through his activity in working and studying too.

Ly El has been an active student in the English classes and he is very happy to have a chance to go to university and study international relations.

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  1. Barbara Wilson-Clay

    Congratulations on your scholarship, Ly El. All the best to you in your studies.


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