Osman Wins Coveted Slot in New Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative Program

Our volunteer, Mr. Ysa, who coordinates all of our Cambodian activities, has been chosen as one a dozen current and emerging social leaders from Southeast Asia to participate in the iLeap program (“Inspiring Social Leaders, Igniting Social Change”).  He has received a full scholarship for the first cohort of this two week “SALI” program in Seattle, whose intent is to ensure that young social leaders in Southeast Asia have the practical skills, critical perspectives, and a global and regional community of partners in order to sustain and expand their change initiatives amidst a rapidly changing Southeast Asia region.  Needless to say, competition was stiff for these few slots, however Osman ranked at the top of selection committee’s choices.

SALI is composed of three integrated activities:

  • An initial 2 week residential leadership training program in Seattle, Washington beginning this weekend
  • On-going online consultations and sharing within their graduate community
  • An annual regional gathering of graduates in Southeast Asia.

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