Sre Prey Builds New Community School


Over the past two years, the villagers of Sre Prey have come together, donating money and labor to erect a new community school.  It is now completed and being used for our Fund’s English classes and the new Cham writing classes.  The school is located adjacent to the mosque with its open-air portico area where classes have been held over the past decade.

This major effort by the community clearly demonstrates the value that the community places on our continued projects’ educating their children far beyond the Khmer public school system. Over the years, the children have repeatedly shown their buy-in to our projects through their continued enrollment, hard work and studies, and now that same level of investment from the community as a whole has been plainly demonstrated.

Students by New School during construction

Back of New School

Front of New School – adjacent to former School area

Back of New School under construction – Spring 2014

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